Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Gabo at school

Outdoor Play: The Tigers went out to the Gazebo today. Unfortunately, there was quite a bit of mud on the playground last week, so we have been going to the Gazebo. The children loved playing in the snow. They kept themselves busy by trying to collect snow in the carts, riding their cars through the snow, and sliding down the slides.

Journal Time: For journal time today, the Tigers drew and wrote in their journals about what their favorite time of day is.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

David at school

Art Smart: In celebration of the Chinese New Year, the Cockatoos made Chinese fans. They used paper plates and crayons to make their fans. They enjoyed using them to cool themselves off. Ms. Julie showed the children some pictures of real Chinese fans and the beautiful designs that they have on them.
Large Motor: The Cockatoos were able to go outside today. They practiced putting on their snow clothes and then joined their Toucan friends on the playground. They loved playing in the snow, going down the slides. They also pretended to cook in the playhouse. The children brought snow and placed it in the kitchen.
Special Treats: To help raise money for the bake sale, the Cockatoos made Banana Muffins with Ms. Julie. They took turns measuring out each of the ingredients and then mixing then in the bowl.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

School activities

January 22:

Tigers: The children helped Ms. Sausen make stir fry today. They helped add the carrots, broccoli, and corn to the stir fry mixture and then enjoyed sampling their creation. Ms. Sausen talked to the children about how this is a dish popular in many Asian countries.

January 25:

Cockatoos: Art Smart: We did an art project using screen shapes. First we mixed a little bit of water in our blue glitter paint. The paint floated on top, and then we mixed it with a paint brush. Next each child was given a screen. The screen was a triangle, rectangle, or circle. Then they used their paint and paint brushes to make a picture. Some friends painted on the screen and some painted around the screen. Other friends chose to just paint their entire paper blue.

Tigers: For center time today, the children made a circus number train at the art table. The children cut out the train cars, colored them, counted the number of animals in car and glued the correct number on them. Finally, Ms. Sausen taped the train together and posted outside our room.

January 26:

Cockatoos: Sensory: With shaving cream, the children used their fingers to draw shapes. Ms. Colleen played a game with the Cockatoos where she would draw a shape in the shaving cream and then the Cockatoos would have to draw the same shape that Ms. Colleen drew.

Tigers: Dominoes.

January 27:

Cockatoos: Art Smart: We did an art project using cookie cutter shapes. Each child dipped the shapes in paint and then made prints with them on construction paper. The Cockatoos identified the shapes they were using. We used an arrow, a circle, a cross, a triangle, a square, a heart, a pentagon, a rectangle, and an oval.
Math Counts: Ms. Chrissy made large shape outlines on the carpet using colored tape. The Cockatoo’s then stood inside a shape of their choice. Ms. Chrissy helped each child count how many sides were on the shape they were standing. Then they jumped that many times. For example, if they were standing in a triangle, we would count 1, 2, 3 sides and then the child would jump up and down three times. The cockatoo’s had fun with this activity. We had some shapes that had no sides, so we just jumped into them and named the shape.
Sensory: The Cockatoos helped Ms. Chrissy wash the cookie cutters that we used to paint with today. Ms. Chrissy put warm soapy water into the sensory table and the children wash off the cookie cutters. They loved watching the water change colors as they cleaned off their toys.

Kid Rock: Today we focused on the circle shape. We used a circle parachute with balls; we used tambourines as steering wheels and pretended to be driving fast, slow, backwards, and on both bumpy and smooth roads. We also pretended that large circles were cookies and we used pom-poms as sprinkles. Finally we sang a song about oranges growing on trees.

Tigers: During morning group, the Tigers made a balloon letter matching activity. Each balloon on the wall had a different uppercase or lowercase letter on it. The children were called up one at a time and asked to identify a letter and then find the matching upper or lowercase letter. The children did a wonderful job matching the letters together. After the letters were matched as a group we review each letters sound.

January 28:

Cockatoos: Art Smart: We made a shape collage today using colorful shape stickers. The children practiced their fine motor skills as they peeled the stickers and added them to their paper. Some friends counted how many shapes they put on their paper. As they added shapes we talked about the name of the shape. We used a circle, rhombus, oval, trapezoid, and a triangle.
Colored Blocks: We received new colored building blocks this week. Our friends had fun stacking them and building with them at the table. Many friends made a house, some made a space ship, and one friend even made a DVD player, but didn’t say what they were going to watch on it.

January 29:

Cockatoos: Color Mixing: The Cockatoos learned about colors today as they mixed colored water. They were given a pipette, containers of clear water, red water, blue water, and yellow water. They used the pipette to mix the colors. By doing this activity our friends saw first hand that mixing red and blue make purple, yellow and blue make green, and yellow and red make orange. Some friends also made teal.

February 1:

Tigers: Fruit and vegetable memory.

February 3:

Tigers spent time retelling the story of the Very Hungry Caterpillar with the flannel board pieces.