Saturday, December 15, 2007

Poniendo la Navidad

El fin de semana pasado Gabo y David nos ayudaron a poner los adornos de Navidad. Aqui los pueden ver en plena faena. Tambien tenemos una pelicula, pero van a tener que esperar a que Alfredo la ponga.

Y aqui esta Gabo jugando Playstation...

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Doctor updates

I took David back to the doctor for the follow-up. He weighs now 13lbs. 15.5oz, which means that he gained 1lbs. 1.5oz. in one month! He got his booster flu shot (babies receiving the flu shot for the first time need a booster after one month) and then got his finger pricked to test for anemia. The doctor found that his hemoglobin count was a little low, so they drew blood (which made David mad) and we should get the results soon. I'll keep you posted. Otherwise he is doing great. During Thanksgiving he had roseola (a little fever and a red rash), but he is fine now.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Morton Arboretum

We spent last Sunday at the Morton Arboretum, a park a few miles west of Oak Park. Even though we spent about five hours there, we probably saw a fifth of it. It was great. We caught the Fall colors, played in the hedge maze, and visited a house made of twigs and branches. We are going back in the Spring... with bicycles. Enjoy the pix and the video.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pumpkin Search

On Haloween, the Toucans (Gabo's classroom) had a big surprise when they went onto the playground. There were orange paper pumpkins everywhere! Each Toucan was encouraged to find pumpkins and put them into the basket. Pumpkins were all over, from the playground equipment to hiding by the trees! When the hunt was complete, the Toucans took a picture showing off their efforts. Great searching, Toucans!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Dr. Lucy Fox

Yesterday David had his scheduled doctor's appointment. He is now 12lbs 14oz. Dr. Fox says that he is doing great, except that he doesn't seem to be gaining enough weight. She will see him again next month.

He had three vaccines yesterday and cried very little, he was very brave! Gabriel was also amazing. He got a flu vaccine and didn't cry at all. I explained to him carefully what was going to happen and he did great, especially when they put the band-aid on (he loves band-aids!).

David has started eating meat, and will start now eating yogurt, cheese and egg yolk. We will also start trying to give him table foods. He does very well with the cheerios, so I am guessing he will do fine.

Finally! David's teeth have started to come out. His two lower middle teeth are appearing. Gabriel had six teeth at this age... ;)

As you have seen in the video, Nene can now climb the furniture and use it for support. He is very fast crawling too.

On Friday I leave for Tucson, AZ. I have a conference there. I will come back on Saturday. We'll see how dad manages... I'll miss them all very much!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday, October 15, 2007

David moving around, and trip to Madison

Hello All,
Updates, lets see... David is crawling like there´s no tomorrow, and he is also getting on his feet by himself holding to papi´s receiver (ouch!) He's doing really great. Gabo is also good. He was really excited to spend last weekend with his friend. The trip was a lot of fun, and even though I didn't get a whole lot of pix, Ceri did, so I'll just wait for her to post them before I share them too.

Well, I spend all day typing at work so that's it. Hope you like the pix : )

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Veronica's visit

David is crawling already! He started the day he turned 8 months, and yesterday Alfredo found him standing in his crib (hanging on the railing of course)!

This past weekend we had a lot of fun when tia Veronica came to visit. On Friday we ate really good Mexican food. On Saturday we did Frank Lloyd Wright's Oak Park tour, which was beautiful. That night Veronica and I went for Ethiopian food with Greg's parents and sister, and it was a really different experience. We all ate with our hands from a common plate... The food was delicious! On Sunday we ate Greek for lunch and then went to Navy Pier for a walk. We found a tractor exhibit, and Gabo was delighted!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Foo Fighters

Los Santana Boys

playing the

Foo Fighters

Potty Trained!!!

This past weekend Gabo learned to use the bathroom. He is doing great, using "calzoncillos" like Papi... :)

Believe it or not, Alfredo taught him in just one day! Abuelita Camena gave me this book that claimed it could be done, and it was true! We are so happy.

Good job Gabo!!!

Isabel Deniz

El 5 de septiembre nacio mi bella sobrina Isabel Deniz. Aprieten el link para ver mas fotos.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Family Pictures

Here are some family pictures that we took in May, sorry it took soooo long!

The end of July

Here are the last pictures from Abuela Camena's visit, and some pictures of Gabo with Papi.