Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Tia Melissa and abuela Camena's visit

Hi everyone!

I know it took us long enough to post some pictures, but here they finally are.

First we have Papi cuddling with David and Gabriel. Then a visit to the park (Austin Gardens) with Tia Betty. Afterwards Tia Melissa arrived, followed by abuela Camena. We can see David laughing with Tia Melissa, and Gabriel riding one of Oak Park's horses with her.

Notice the pictures of David with abuela Camena having coffee at Starbucks... ;)

Then Gabriel with his Swedish soccer t-shirt and David's gangsta look.

We also have some pictures of Gustaf and Lillan's visit, as well as the very short (but really nice) visit by Veronica and Sergio.

Then we have David reaching some milestones: grabbing his feet and eating his first solid meal.

Finally, Gabriel sleeping with his sheep... :)

Have a good night!