Friday, February 27, 2009

Thank you note from Ms. Katie


I really enjoyed having you in my class! You are such a sweet little boy! You always put a smile on my face with your awesome personality, cute smile, contagious laugh and your playful ways!

Good luck in Cockatoos! Come by and say hi sometime :-) You will be missed greatly!


Ms. Katie"

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sorting pretend food

"Ms. Kelley explained to the Cheetahs the food pyramid. Then Ms. Kelley made the food pyramid out of different colored tape. We used our pretend food to sort the different foods into the correct color of the pyramid. Each Cheetah had a turn to put at least two pieces of food into the food pyramid. Some of the foods were easy to look at our poster and put in the correct spot but some of the food we had to guess where the food went. The Cheetahs were very excited when they matched the correct food with the correct color. Check out our food pyramid on the carpet and you could even work with your child on where the food goes!"

I know I have been putting a lot of pictures of Gabriel and none of David for a while... I just want to say that we have taken none of these pictures, but Gabriel's teachers are now e-mailing them to me, so I just put them up with their own comments... I have been trying to get David's teachers to do the same, but it just has not happened...

By the way, David moved up to the Cockatoo room last Wednesday. He loves it! He is having a lot of fun there, but he looks tiny compared to his friends...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Very brave kids

Today I felt very proud about my kids. They had their scheduled doctor's appointment and everything went very well (David is 32.5 in high -5th percentile- and weights 22 lbs -less than 5th percentile-, Gabriel is 40 in high and weights 36 lbs -50th percentile on both-). At the end David had to get one vaccination and Gabo had to get four! David only cried a little bit, but Gabo was so brave he didn't even cry! He just complained about the pain, but I explained to him that it was supposed to hurt a little, and he was so mature about it.

Here is a picture of Gabo and some of his friends at school this morning.

"The Cheetahs picked a magazine. They looked in the magazine for different types of boats and things that live in the water. They would cut the picture out and then glue the picture to a blue piece of paper. We talked to the Cheetahs about the blue paper being the water".

Monday, February 16, 2009

Learning about traffic lights

Ms. Rebekah gave each child three circles: one red, one yellow, and one green, and a piece of black paper. She talked with the children about traffic lights and what each color means when it is lit up. All of the children now know that red means STOP, that yellow means caution or slow down, and that green means GO!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Watercolor and toothbrush painting

Ms. Kelley (one of the teachers in the Cheetah classroom) helped the children as they created pictures with water colors and toothbrushes. The children mixed the different colors as they painted, creating new colors and beautiful pictures.

Here are Gabo, Joey and Molly with their creations!