Monday, March 27, 2006

Visit to Austin

Last night we returned from a trip to Austin. We went for the weekend to see Tía Melimé perform. She was great and the play/musical was very funny. Gabriel stayed at home with Tío Can. We all had a lot of fun in Austin, but we didn't take any pictures... :(
The trip was a little crazy. Gabriel was very unhappy in the car on the way there, and that made us very unhappy too. He had a very hard time trying to fall asleep, which is funny considering the car used to be a good place to get him to sleep. Well, not anymore. On the way back we decided it would be a good idea to make a long stop along the way. So we stopped at Katy Mills Mall (just before Houston) and spent 2 and a half hours there. Gabriel was very, very happy. He ran, he rode on a little electric car, he saw a bunny, he got new pajamas and t-shirts, and he ate. After that we returned to the car (he was again very unhappy about this), but after a while he fell asleep (as did mommy), and woke up when we were entering Lafayette. He was very happy to be home. He seemed very excited and ran around the living room moving his arms up and down.
I guess we cannot make such long car rides for such a short trip. Now we are trying to figure out the best strategy for our car trip to Chicago. Any suggestions?

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Downtown alive and ice cream

Last Friday after we got Gabo from school, we went for a walk downtown to Lafayette's weekly Spring festival, Downtown Alive. There were a bunch of other kids and live music. We had a great time.

Today we decided to get some ice cream and alas! Gabo can spoon ice cream by himself. That doesn't mean that his aim is any better. I would say that a good 20% of the ice cream landed on me, but it was still really cute.

Barbara is telling me what to write, so ithis may sound like a list, but here it goes.
1 . - We are moving to Chicago. Barbara accepted a position at Roosevelt University as an Assistant Prof. I am still in limbo, not knowing whether I'll continue in a masters program right away or not. We are planning to be there in early August.
2. - El Gabo has now a mouthful of teeth. He is not happy about the teething process, but I have to say that he is not miserable either. He seems more concerned about the roseola that he caught at school. A lot of things happend in that school... he got bitten by another toddler on Thurday. They are still so uncivilized : )
3. - Gabriel can now blow kisses, say bye ("bah"), he can stand all by himself with no help from other people or furniture, open doors, and turn on the TV and change channels to his heart's content (he gets that from me). He also claps when there is music. It is a very exciting time...