Thursday, April 20, 2006

Doctor's office

Today Gabriel had his scheduled doctor's appointment. He is now 31.5 in (60th percentile) high, and weighs 22 lb 7oz (20th percentile). So he is still lean and long.

He also got his four scheduled vaccinations, but now he is running a fever. The doctor also noticed that he again has an ear infection, although he has had no symptoms. So he is on antibiotics again. This time for ten days.

To make things worse, mommy is also sick, with the stomach flu that is going around... :( so poor daddy has to take care of them both.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Summer fun

Today was hot and sunny. The rest, you can see for yourselves... :)

Monday, April 17, 2006

Learning to self-feed (and other things)

Hello everybody! Gabriel is getting more handsome every day. Of course, this is his mother talking...

He is also developing new skills fast. As you can see in this sequence of pictures, he is learning to self-feed, both at home and at school. I am not sure how much actually makes it into his mouth, but he is certainly trying, and gets pretty upset if you try to help him too much. Of course, now he needs to get a bath almost always after each meal.

His teacher, Ms. Mona, says he is a wonderful soccer player. She was really impressed when Gabriel showed her how he kicks the ball while running, and uses both feet to kick it.

He is also dancing now. Well, what he thinks dancing is. He claps and spins around every time he hears music. And he wants you to clap and spin around with him too.

His speaking skills are not so impressive. He is still not speaking, although whenever the phone rings he takes his fist to his ear and says "hola", and then starts babbling a made-up conversation. It's very funny. He also knows how to ask for food: "mam, mam". And now we are pretty much convinced that he says "ma" and "baba" to refer to mom and dad. He is much better at understanding, though. He pretty much understands what you tell him, and acts accordingly. He is in general very obedient and well behaved (except when he is sick).

Yesterday he took a plastic Easter egg, managed to put a little bag of candy inside it, and could almost close it by himself.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Updated pictures

Here we have several new pictures of Gabriel.

First you can see him in his summer outfit playing on the front yard while mommy and daddy were taking out weeds. He is no longer afraid of the grass, but he certainly still prefers the concrete...

Then you can see him with his daddy and his hat. Cute, huh?

Finally you get to see him do what he enjoys most: eating! Believe it or not that was his afternoon snack for today, and he ate it all, only to have dinner one and a half hours later.