Friday, January 25, 2008

Annual checkups

Today Gabo and David went to see Dr. Fox.

Gabo is great and didn't need any shots this time. He weighs 34lbs and is 37in tall.

David is also great, but the doctor is concerned about his growth curve being too flat. She is going to do a food alergies test (so they had to draw blood again, and David was really angry), because she thinks that might be the problem. Also, since David had diarrhea when we tried to give him milk, he will start drinking soy milk now. They also gave him two vaccinations today. He cried little, but was happy very soon afterwards.

David weighs 13lbs 15.5oz and is 28in tall.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Old videos

All the links to old videos weren't working, so I just re-loaded them. You can watch old videos of Gabo in the following posts:

Gabriel playing

The last of 2005

Walking, eating, bathing

Some more videos

Classes are over!

At the park

Also, here are two more videos of Gabo eating that I never posted:

Today I also got a couple of pictures that Gabo's teachers (Ms. Kelley and Ms. Stephanie) took on his birthday. Here they are:

In the last picture you can see Gabo with his best friend Joey... :)

Monday, January 21, 2008

David's Birthday

David wasn't as lucky as Gabo this year with a Saturday birthday, but we still celebrated! First, in the morning, David opened some presents (not all of them because of time constraints). As you can see Gabo was intent on "helping" him, although we tried our best to let David open and play with the presents before Gabo did... He got a lion (Abuelita Rebeca, Abuelito Alfredo and Tio Padrino Ricky), a puzzle (Tio Dani) and a magnetic farm for the fridge (Tia Betty and MJ).

Then, at the daycare center, he had a party with his friends!

When we came back home he got some more presents... Abuelita Camena gave him some playmats!

After that we had Mac&Cheese that Papi made.

Then we sang "Feliz CumpleaƱos" and we ate some cake. David loved it! We filmed him eating it, he was having so much fun! But you will have to wait for Alfredo to put up the video.

Finally David got Papi and Mami's present while taking a bath: a colored-bubble maker for the bathtub and some crayons to paint on the bathtub! He really enjoyed this!

Gabo's Birthday

The first celebration was on Friday at the daycare center. I brought an ice cream cake to school and his friends sang happy birthday. Then they all ate the cake!

On Saturday morning we brought the gifts out! He was sooo happy. He loves opening gifts. As you can see, David helped him a little... ;)

Mami's and Papi's gift: A Lightning McQueen Playstation game!

Abuelita Camena's gift: A playmat!

Tia Madrina Melissa's gift: a prayer's book and a pair of really nice pants!

Tio Padrino Dani's gift: A soccer ball (una pelota de futbol "normal"... :))!

Abuelita Rebeca, Abuelito Alfredo, and Tio Ricky's gift: A Thomas the Tank Engine's tent!

Then, Saturday night, Tia Betty and MJ came to celebrate. They also brought gifts: a car that makes noise... a cell phone... and hockey cards. We sang "feliz cumpleanhos" and ate cake (again). Gabo was so happy. By this time David had already fallen asleep...