Wednesday, March 21, 2007

David's doctor visit and Gabriel's new shoes

Hi all,

Yesterday David went to his checkup with Dr. Fox. He weighs now 8 lbs 14.5 oz! That is 4 kgs! Also David has an umbilical hernia, which usually heals by itself, but this one is very big, so Dr. Fox wants David to see a surgeon and ask his opinion. He has the appointment for April 6, we'll keep you updated. Everything else is fine. The doctor was impressed with David rolling over from his front to his back on his own, and he has been able to do this for about a month now!

Gabriel has been growing too. He now wears a shoe size 8, so we went and got him new shoes. He loves them. They have Thomas the "chu-chu" train on them, and they light up when he walks. The first day he even wore them for his nap! he doesn't want any other shoes now!

Here are some pictures from the weekend. Enjoy!